The things I have shared on the internet have occasionally helped other people.  I only know this because a few people have told me that this is the case.  But the things I write are really for me more than they are for anyone else.  

You see, when I write about my thoughts, beliefs, and opinions it makes them more tangible.  In some ways it forces me to own them and take more responsibility for them.  Some of the things I write could surely come across in a condescending way.  But I assure you that when I write to condemn bad tippers and wimpy gay men who are afraid to go after what they want, I am really just going on record that I swear not to be a bad tipper or a wimpy gay man that’s afraid to go after what he wants.  

So, take these things personally if it helps you.  But if it’s just going to upset you to consider the fact that maybe you shouldn’t get back with your Ex  or be honest about who you are, then tell yourself that it’s really just all about me.


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