My name is David, I’ve been blogging since the Fall of 2005.  For a year and half I had a column in QSaltLake: Utah’s Gay and Lesbian News and Entertainment Magazine. -Those columns, as well as others I’ve written, can be found on this blog under the tag “Column.” – This is my new blog now that I’m moving from Utah to New York.  Any guesses what my old blog was called?  

I was raised as a Mormon, but not the kind that you hear about or the kind depicted on “Big Love.”  I served a church mission to Central Russia; where I lived and mostly taught people English for two years.  I learned a lot of important things on my mission.  Like not to drink the water.  And the value of being comfortable with yourself as you are and not as people think you should be.  

Two months after coming home from my mission I finally started to accept the fact that I am gay and that’s OK.  Three months after that I came out to my Dad, for the second time.  -The first time was when I was about 13 or 14.  Through sobs, tears, and embraces I told my Dad that I was gay.  He responded, “What?”  So, after mustering the guts to say it once I was left with the challenge of saying it again, and in somehow clearer terms.  “I’m a homosexual,” I declared, hoping that he understood this time.  He deadpanned, “No, you’re not,” And that would have been that had I not, 8 years later, thought, Hey!  Wait a second!  Interestingly enough, my Dad had no recollection of this exchange when I came out to him at the age of 21. – My family still love and support me just as they always did, maybe even more so now that they better know the person they are loving and supporting.  It’s true what they say, “Increasing one’s openness to self and others is the basis for being able to establish healthier interpersonal relationships.”

My blog is called Protean.  Which is different from the word Protein, hence the different letters.  Protean is the adjectival form of the word Proteus.  In Greek Mythology Proteus is an early sea-god. Protean has the general meaning of “versatile”, “mutable”, “capable of assuming many forms”: “Protean” has positive connotations of flexibility, versatility and adaptability.  Before I named my blog Protean I used it as a chat name on a popular gay chat site.  I quickly realized that, while a lot of men were looking for deeper meaning in my chat name, most of them weren’t getting the deeper meaning I’d intended.  Now, if you can’t imagine what kind of meaning those men were interpreting, then bless you for your innocence. I was once that innocent as well. But nothing is sure to kill innocence quite like the curiosity that comes from a sexually repressed religious background. 

I started writing my first Protean blog at about the same time I was starting nursing school. – Nursing school was a life-changing experience for me, as most new things have tended to be when I’ve approached them with an open mind and a willingness to learn.  But it’s important to know where your boundaries are.  My OB clinical taught me that my boundaries start right before you get to the vagina.  I’ll leave labor and delivery to the nurses that don’t hold their breath when checking dilation and effacement. – Now I’ve completed nursing school and am fulfilling my dream to be a nurse and to live in New York City.  These dreams aren’t necessarily joined together, but life’s short and it pays to multi-task.    

Protean in NYC is a record of my life as I move from Utah to New York.  I hope to also document the experience of discovering and building myself a life in New York City.  You’re welcome to follow along for the journey.


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