Bagels and Jobs

September 26, 2008

I accepted the job I was offered on Wednesday.  I also discovered what I get to stress and worry about now that I’ve found a job; finding a place to live.  But I keep telling myself that it will work out.  After all, everything else has.  

I also had my first NYC bagel today.  It was from a little hole-in-the-wall place near where I’m staying.  I’d heard good things about NYC bagels but I’d never tried them.  I searched for the best bagels in the city and sure enough there is a list, and I’ll let  you know when I try one of the bagels places written about, but for now I just tried a standard shop.  It was very good.  They say it’s the NYC tap water that gives the bagels their distinctive deliciousness, I think that might be true.  I’ll do more research and get back to you.  

Tomorrow I head back to Salt Lake, where I expect to spend about two weeks making the rounds and wrapping things up there before returning to NYC to try and find a place and settle in before I start work.  This whole process hasn’t been happening on my timetable (unless you count the timetable I gave myself this week to find a job,) but it really is happening.  I’m very excited.


3 Responses to “Bagels and Jobs”

  1. KipEsquire said

    Believe it or not, there was a time when all the best breweries were in NYC, likewise due to the superior water quality.

    Time and taxes took their toll on the industry, however…

    P.S. Congratulations … neighbor!

  2. Michael said

    Awesome. Congrats. It is fun to read your blog about NYC. I can imagine the things I willhave to do when I move there in April for my internship. Keep blogging!

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