Swinging in Central Park

September 30, 2008

I posted some of the pictures I took in Central Park last week, but here is a video I took that same day.  I went to the park with my friend Mark, he sort of acted like my tour guide.  We ended up on the swings.  I can’t remember the last time I was on a swing.  But, unlike this time, I do remember that the last time I was on a swing I didn’t start to get motion sickness.  

Anyway, after I uploaded and watched the video I noticed that Mark was on the phone when I was taking the video.  So that’s the audio you get with this video.  I’m afraid I am still unaccustomed with handling videos on the computer so these videos are my first attempt at incorporating this type of thing into my blog.  I expect that in the future it should improve slightly.  

Here is one more video I took on our walk through Central Park.  It was a Saturday and the weather was perfect.  Central Park is New York City, so hopefully these videos and the pictures I took help with whatever your mental image of the place might be.  


Makes me laugh

September 30, 2008

This is a video I took of my nephew playing a video game on the computer.  Notice how he uses his whole body.  I think boys can relate to this method of playing video games better than girls can.  

Bagels and Jobs

September 26, 2008

I accepted the job I was offered on Wednesday.  I also discovered what I get to stress and worry about now that I’ve found a job; finding a place to live.  But I keep telling myself that it will work out.  After all, everything else has.  

I also had my first NYC bagel today.  It was from a little hole-in-the-wall place near where I’m staying.  I’d heard good things about NYC bagels but I’d never tried them.  I searched for the best bagels in the city and sure enough there is a list, and I’ll let  you know when I try one of the bagels places written about, but for now I just tried a standard shop.  It was very good.  They say it’s the NYC tap water that gives the bagels their distinctive deliciousness, I think that might be true.  I’ll do more research and get back to you.  

Tomorrow I head back to Salt Lake, where I expect to spend about two weeks making the rounds and wrapping things up there before returning to NYC to try and find a place and settle in before I start work.  This whole process hasn’t been happening on my timetable (unless you count the timetable I gave myself this week to find a job,) but it really is happening.  I’m very excited.

Job Hunt Update

September 24, 2008

Whew!  A little quiet on the blog front.  I’ve been busy looking for a job and having a good time here in New York.  And, if things would have come out to failure I didn’t really feel the need to document every step of that journey.  I am happy to report that after a lot of foot/phone/email work I have one job offer and an interview at a second hospital tomorrow.  Let’s just say that there was a lot of acting like I knew what I was doing as I walked, unannounced and uninvited, into a lot of nurse recruiting offices.  Of course, the paranoid freak side of me is afraid that tomorrow the bottom of the world is going to fall out and that job offer will be rescinded.  But don’t worry, I keep talking myself back down into a more logical reality.  Now, if I were a banker it might be harder to find that logical reality, but thankfully, I am not.  

I’ll write more about the job hunt later, but here are a few pictures:

Sheep's Meadow - Central Park

Bow Bridge - Central Park

Reflection - Central Park



Bethesda Fountain - Central Park

Bethesda Fountain - Central Park


Belvedere Castle - Central Park

Belvedere Castle - Central Park


Turtle Pond/View from Belvedere Castle - Central Park

Turtle Pond/View from Belvedere Castle - Central Park


Empire State Building from 5th Ave and about 28th Street

Empire State Building from 5th Ave and about 28th Street

My Fear of Failure

September 16, 2008

I’m just going to lay it out here for you.  Tomorrow I go to New York with the intention of finding a job.  I’ve been trying to find a job from Utah without success.  I will spare you the reasons why I think this is the case, especially given the nursing shortage in New York and the country as a whole.  I am hoping that being there in person, walking into the HR offices of various hospitals, will make the difference. 

But just for the record I do want to say that I fear failure in this situation.  If I go out there and all the nurse recruiters I meet could care less that I’m a nurse looking for a job, then someone might have to pick me up off the floor. – Which is where my shock will have heaped my body. – Everything I know about the nursing shortage in Utah tells me I should be able to find a job here, and Utah is #3 when it comes to the severity of the nursing shortage.  New York, just for the record, is #2 with California having the worst shortage at #1.

At my core I believe that I will find the job I’m looking for in New York.  But at the core of my core I believe something much more all encompassing, and that is that no matter the outcome it will be either exactly what I hope for or much better than what I hope for.  I believe that because that is what my life experience has taught me.  This is not to say that I’ve had everything go exactly as I’ve hoped.  But as I look back at the sum of my life experience things have always worked out for me. – This may have more to do with my outlook than my actual life experience, but your personal perception of yourself is important.  Much more important than other’s perceptions of you. – It’s just that my pesky brain keeps saying that maybe this will be the time that things don’t work out for me.  

I’m living through my fear and anxiety.  And if things don’t work out in the way that I hope, then I’ll tell people about it.  Because it is empowering to own your failed opportunities/plans as you step over them and keep moving.

Job Hunt

September 10, 2008

Well, I’ve booked a trip to New York City.  I’ll be there next week, Wednesday the 17th through Saturday the 27th.  If I can’t find a job in that time then I may just end up getting a job here in SLC. 

If you have suggestions or connections in the industry, then any help would be appreciated.

Random Writings…

September 6, 2008

I have a planner that I used throughout my last year of nursing school, from August 2007-July 2008.  I carried it with me most places, kept notes in it, used it as scratch paper to write notes to my friends sitting next to me during class, etc.  My friends and I would often, rather than whispering to one another in class (which we did too often already), write what we were thinking on the other person’s notes or planner.  Whichever happened to be within reach of your pen.  

So, I also have things written in my planner by my friends.  As I’m cleaning things out I need to get rid of this old planner, but I’d like to remember some of things written in it.  So, I am typing them out here.  Some of them are quotes, some of them are snide comments about other people.  We often used these notes to vent about our frustrations related to those in class with us.  Anyway, here is some of what was written, as I said, some of it by me, some of it by others and pretty much all of it is out of context here in this post.  

-Find your happy place.  Go there.  Stay there for five minutes, then come back.  

-Increasing one’s openness to self and others is the basis for being able to establish healthier interpersonal relationships.

-This was my nightmare all thoughout Pediatrics:  Diarrhea of the mouth

-Mediocrity is the best camouflage known to man. -Quote from the book, “The Power of One.”

-The imagination is always the best torturer.  -Quote from the book, “The Power of One.”

-You can get used to anything, I discovered. -Quote from the book, “The Power of One.”

-If he ever has kids, then I already feel bad for them.

-That haircut is awful.

-I’m so sick of him using my lecture time to flex his brain.

-“Exchangement”, I think that’s a new word.

-Boobs and brains.

-Is she wearing stilletos at 9am?

Afternoon in Park City

September 1, 2008

Today, as my life of yet-to-be-employed leisure continues, I went up to Park City to have lunch with my friend Jen and to check out a fair/market they were having on Main Street.  A few pictures…

The guy on the left in the ball cap with the guitar is the Mayor of Park City.