Job Hunting

August 11, 2008

OK, I’m a nurse, hire me.  

So, I’m realizing that it might not be that easy.  I may actually have to send out some resumes, make a few calls, you know, that kind of stuff.  I haven’t really hit things full swing yet though because I’m still waiting for NY State to issue me my license.  There’s a mundane story there about the frustrations of bureaucratic paperwork, but I’ll spare you the details.  

When I was in school I feared/worried/obsessed about passing, about not failing out.  After I graduated I feared/worried/obsessed about passing my boards.  And now the fear and worry that I won’t find a job has entered my mind.  Now, logically I can recognize the irrational aspects to these fears, worries, and obsessions, but it’s still hard to make my mind embrace that logic.  

I am trying now to enjoy and make the most out of the remaining time I have here in Utah.  I am meeting friends for coffees, lunches, movies, and dinners.  I realize that when I get to New York I am not going to have the friend and family base to draw from to keep myself occupied.  I do take some comfort in my own ability and desire to have time to myself, and of course having a full-time job will help fill some time and energy as well.  

So, my focus now is to not rush onto the next thing without savoring the end of what I’ve just finished, and the in-between that exists between it and what I am about to embark on.


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