The First (Real) Post

August 1, 2008

Well, I have been wondering when I should transition over to my new blog from my old blog.  Should I wait until the day I actually pick up and move to NY?  Should I wait until I am actually living in New York?  Or should I just start now? 

It seems sort of fitting that I conclude my old blog with the passing of my nursing boards, seeing as how I started that blog shortly before being accepted into nursing school.  And passing my boards is really the last major hurdle before I am actually able to get a job and move.  Of course, there is a part of me that thinks I should wait until I at least have a job and maybe a place to live in New York City before I really launch this blog.  But I believe those things will come in their own time.  My life is in transition so it seems somehow fitting that my blogging should be as well. 

I am currently not Protean in NYC but Protean in St. George, Utah.  I have come back down to stay with and help out my sister.  Once New York State officially issues me my nursing license I will more actively search for a job.  I do feel quite a bit of apprehension about finding a job I’ll like, but I feel even more apprehensive about finding a place to live that I’ll like.  I’m still fairly unsure how to go about finding a place to live.  People recommend Cragslist but that seems like a highly inefficient means of finding a place to live.  If you know of anywhere or anybody looking for a roommate, let me know.


One Response to “The First (Real) Post”

  1. Edgy said

    Craigslist isn’t as bad as you might think. At least not in New York. That’s how I found my place when I lived there, and it was a great place.

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